Choregraphical playgrounds

Choregraphical Playground - extracts

It is about getting the children to express their knowledge, their creativity, and their sensibility through contemporary dance.

Working out a project about dance, involving research and creation: to adapt the techniques in relation to the children’s needs, allowing a tighter exchange between the artists and the young audience, to encourage the child to be creative artistically.

Themes approached during these sessions: rhythm and musicality, conscience of space, discovery of a gestural vocabulary. At the end, improvisations will be suggested.

Encounters with discussion :This suspended time of about one hour, allows to favor an exchange between the audience and the artists.  Jacques Fargearel accompanied by a dancer or a technician will present  the work of the company with the support of video excerpts in order to develop his creative process.  From the beginning of an idea to it’s representation on stage, it will be about sharing the passion that the whole team of the Sillage is driven by, to support the performance for the best and find an answer to all the questions that the spectator might have  concerning this “magic box” that one calls the dance stage.