« Those Two!»

Création 2010
Création dedicated to Félix and Victor

copyright Odilon Dimier

The older Brother
The little Brother
The little one like his elder
Don't often part.
The eldest watches over the second one
The youngest observes the first one.
The first one
The second one
The first one and the second one
So much alike, so much different
The two Brothers

Fall out, then make it up with each other
Hate each other sometimes
Meet up all the time
both of them
Trusting each other
Exchanging secrets, pains and joys
The guardian Brother
The protected little
The hated older Brother
The rejected little one
Give a silent look one another
Sharing the love of a never forgotten childhood.

For this play, the Compagnie du Sillage tries out a brand new aesthetic adventure enriched by the hip hop choreographic language.

«THOSE TWO !» deals no longer with the adult / child parental relationship but with the brotherly relation  materialized by a duo performed by a young man and a little boy.

« Their bodies are their messenger, their movements are their mouhpiece » (from the novel  Corniche Kennedy by Maylis de Kerangal, sep. 2008)

« For several years, I’ve been watching the evolution of the hip hop movement : its music, its dance, its graphic creations… its culture is now part of the contemporanean landscape. I discovered it and learned how to love it.
More than a simple fashion, it is a real movement which slowly filled its space all around us. Its own energy and its vocabulary could not serve better the theme i wanted to explore : the brotherly relationship. The longest-lasting link in a man’s life is the one which exists between the children of the very same family ; a constructive, though complex relationship which will be brought into shape by the gimmicks of the hip hop dance.
After several years of await, apparently time has come for me to throw myself into this new adventure, fed by 20 years of creations and by an ever renewed longing to unveil new territories.
Along with the pleasure to share this moment of creation with new dancers and an audience of a new kind. »


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Cast :
Choreography : Jacques Fargearel with the assistance of the dancers.
Rehearsing assistant : Jaime Flor
Dancers : Laurent Belot (adult) et Martin Dimier (child)
Light Design : Bruno Monfeuillard
Sound Track : Canelason (création originale), Arvo Pärt, Run DMC
Wardrobe: Aline Querengässer
Light engineer : Bruno Monfeuillard
Sound engineer : François Hubert / Aurélien Lucquiaud

Coproduced by Compagnie du Sillage/ tow of Orly
Aknowledgements to the "Nouvel Espace Culturel Charentonneau" of Maisons-Alfort.