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Worshop for Adults / Children

vidéo "Alors on danse" - Grans - février 2012

The workshop offers an encounter of contemporary dance with the one’s who are closest: parents, Grandparents, sons, daughters, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, friends…

These shared dances, open to everyone, intend to be a special and unique accumulation of exchanges. It’s about the artistic choices and the experience of the company showing the relationship between children and adults.

These are the major work directions and objectives which will be developed during the sessions: discover and explore a personal , gestural vocabulary, work with different body parts , their involvement in rythms, space and in relation with the other one, approach the basics of the body in contact with the floor and the contact work ( proportion of strength and fragility between two bodies ), transform a day to day gesture into a danced gesture, improvise and compose, allow a closer exchange between a company and it’s public over a creative choregraphical process

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Compagnie du Sillage Jacques Fargearel
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