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Revue de presse Félix

« This short choreography that plays with the child-to-man and man-to-child relationship is a real moment of grace, sometimes playful, sometimes fragile, serious and tender.»
La Marseillaise

[...] Children invited to express themselves

Another happy moment of this event was when i watched the next to last of FELIX, a dancing performance for young audiences (from 8 y.o.)

There, the surprise came from the audience, as it is often so with young publics [...] The choreographer, Jacques Fargearel, was on stage with the dancers to answer the children's questions. His skill and the pertinence of his answers - he is also a school head teacher in France - turned the event into a very touching success. So successful it ended with 5 of the young spectators on stage experiencing posing, weighing and carrying with the dancers of the Compagnie du Sillage, following the music of the play, lit by the stage lights. Again, please !...
LE DEVOIR - wednesday, May, 29th 1996 - Performance as part of the festival "Les Coups De Th

[...] It was a must to see, at the "Agora de la Danse", the audience made of school children from every social environment letting themselves raptured by the beauty of FELIX, a choreography written by Jacques Fargearel, where appear two boys of their age along with two professional dancers. A beautiful moment, highly metaphorical where the father-to-son relationship is exposed. [...]

VOIR - Marie- Claude Fortin -May 30th / June 5th, 1996

Orange evocation. Two children mix with two adults. They dance the learning, the play, the independence of their respective worlds. The bodies communicate and the difference vanishes rapidly. “Félix” of Jacques Fargearel succeeds in this symbiosis, this union through the movement of the adult and the child. The choreography defines a median space between two ages, a space of active encounter, qualified through the dominant orange lighting and costumes. The other daring aspect of this choreography is the touching and inventive view of the little man.”
Les saisons de la danse -
Martin C. –1995

[...] It is obviously possible to direct children in a convincing way, as we can see in FELIX, beautiful performance given by La Compagnie Du Sillage, from France. Two men and two young boys explore adult-child relationships with skill, imagination and freshness. A daring concept giving a communicative pleasure [...]
Hebdomadaire du Plateau Mt Royal - vol. 56 n
° 23 - Raymond Bertin - saturday 06.04.1996

The dance of FELIX. To have children dancing on stage is already a challenge. To chose only male dancers is even more singular. For the best ! FELIX, the latest creation of Jacques Fargearel opposes the clumsy grace of the child dancer to the refined expertise of the adult. In an ochre environment dressed with two pannels of orange material and a mound covered with green grass, men (Mohamed Arbia & Bruno Danjoux) and boys (Vincent Joseph & Jeremy Mass) dance and move. Surges, calls, gestures and paths, carried or bent. The adult bodies play with the lighter ones who look so fragile, so thinly built. Near the two men, the two boys draw figures. And one must think of Michaux speaking of these human cubs rich of not knowing, whose density comes from what they let slip away, dressed with what remains to be spelled out. As time goes by, the fragile body seems to gain strength as the experienced one  declines to an original simplicity. Events caused by connections, reconciliations,  resemblances between one another... And something essential seems here to be touched, found and regained.
Dernieres Nouvelles d'Alsace - Chlo
é Hunzinger - December, 18th, 1996

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