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Splinter Ball


Selected pieces

Joined excerpts

Fragments of a journey

as the pieces go by

on the way to our find

in the wake of our footsteps



This program consists of “Eclats", that is extracts drawn from the directory of the company and a Family Ball:

This proposition allows the public to discover the word of the company through the presentation of “Eclats” presented without scenography: on stage or in a different space, in the hallways of a theater or in a school, in a square or in a park.

These unrefined dances want to confront an audience close by

At the crossroads of new spaces

At the encounter of another view.

The Family Ball is a festive moment where young and old share a moment of dance. Adults and children together, will play on their differences and their advantages: proportion of height, strength and fragility. This dance walk will be taught by dancers of the company.

Nous contacter
Compagnie du Sillage
Jacques Fargearel
1 place du 8 mai 1945, 94310 Orly
tel : 09 82 48 42 04
port : 07 62 77 24 22

Informations légales
Compagnie du Sillage Jacques Fargearel
SIRET : 380 381 152 000 20
APE : 9001 Z
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