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between the earth and the sky

« When I create, I don’t particularly aim at a specific age . A play must induce anybody to react ; I just say what I have to say. But I admit there are several levels of understanding depending on the age of the spectator. For instance, teenagers may react regarding the problems they are facing ; they are often opposed to their parents and they show it, which doesn’t mean they haven’t felt anything during the performance. The choreographic  work tries to induce communication. We serve it up for consumption, thus comes an exchange, a passionate one. I love this contact, during which we notice there still exists an element, in every creation, that refers to a personal experience or imaginary situation. I have been directing worshops with school kids for the six last years. These workshops are unique moments where i can explore the exchange that can emerge between the choreographer and his audience. But even without this specific activity, dance has the power to intrude everyone’s life.

The type of work I expect from them is never autoritarian nor predetermined. I just propose improvisation themes with certain rules. Within these constraints, they bring up propositions. As I watch them as from the outside, i only keep the moments of real exchange between one another , because it is what interests me most. Their gestures are a raw material that still needs to be polished and reworked so to produce a general harmony. These children are real artists, as their propositions depend on their own body, which is unique, as much as their distinct personnalities. The choreography that interests me is linked to the way children move in a specific space […] » J.F

From an interview by Guylaine Massoutre

Jacques Fargearel dares to put three children next to a couple of professional dancers on stage, without discrepancy or false notes.
Balance , weight, suspension, lightness, vertigo are physical realities to explore. Songs, cries, breathing, colors, rays of light…, to each theatrical component responds a gesture, moving through space, a sequence. On top of this rhythmical sense is the risk of training the children and putting them on stage; this is in itself the most beautiful suspense, as much as nothing seems to be overdone or appears to be even acrobatical. The music appropriately supports the choreography. A festive atmosphere is evoked, one imagines an animated school yard. The performers who are young and adult dancers match in simple movements, set their harmonious paths with slowness, concentrated to build a world of softness and beauty.
A profound and unforgettable poetry is added to the breath of the dance by the quality of the colored lighting.”
Guylaine Massoutre – Jeu ( Montréal )

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Depuis déjà vingt-cinq ans, Jacques Fargearel développe une conception de son art centrée sur l’enfance et son rapport au monde.
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