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Sitting on the Edge of the World

« A moving Entertainment » « A real success » « Striking »

The festival « Les Élancées » opens its fifth edition (…) with Jacques Fargearel dance company, who presented at the « Théâtre de l’Olivier » its new creation « Sitting On The Edge Of The World ». This moving play shows the difficulties encountered by a child to find his own place within the parental couple. (…) He discovers the joys of love given as well as received. Even if the couple sometimes breaks apart and destroys the family.

This play in which the artists move around on soft or violent musical moments is as striking for a young audience as for their parents.

Marie, a young  member of the audience admits : « I liked it because the artists were good dancers and the little girl is lucky because she has fun with her parents. » It is obvious that the spectators’ personal stories, either a divorce or a happy marriage, influence their own reactions.

The dancers Katharina Bader, Jaime Flor and Rachel Zelichowski are the accurate messengers of the choreographer Jacques Fargearel on stage.

Let’s note that the young dancer was chosen during an audition for her candour and her expressiveness. She is still going to school while touring all around France with the Compagnie du Sillage Jacques Fargearel.

To heighten the audience awareness, they organized workshops in the local schools :

« The purpose of these workshops was for Jacques Fargearel to plunge the children into different dancing matters, to bring them to wonder about their own body and movements and to teach them how to express the émotions they feel ».
La Provence, Istres, 2002/02/17

Sitting on the Edge of the World ... Between teaching and dancing.

With the coming at the ARC of the choreographer/school teacher J. Fargearel, a real process of awakening and consciousness-raising towards dance has been organised. But tonight, the workshops end, let’s see the show !

He his the head of a primary school in Orly. He is also a professional choreographer and will present tonight at 7 :30 one of his creations on the stage of the ARC. The two sides of his personnality make him a unique person built by his own life. For the last 10 years, he’s been thinking with an artist eye the world shared by adults and children. Consequently, to invite  at the ARC such a peculiar choreographer cannot be taken as a neutral action towards the national modern dance scene.

Last weekend, 11 adults came to the workshop acompanied by their children, nephews, nieces and even grand children. In relation with tonight’s show Sitting On The Edge Of The World which enlightens the balance and the imbalance generated by the relations between a father, a mother and a child. The point there, was to share a space altogether. « it is a normal continuation of my artistic message – Jacques Fargearel confirms – we work on the parents/children relationship, on its strength, its fragility ». It is an intense moment for some parents who discover a new way of communicating with their own kids.

And there’s another action which is this time dedicated to the schools and their teachers. Two classes from Saint-Sernin-du-Bois and Sud-Michelet-du-Creusot, participating of a « Cultural and Artistical Project » have also worked on the « dancing matter ». « We work around the idea of exploring our relation to the movement so to give it a meaning ». The choreographer, who had here similar sensations to those he feels when he is teaching, gave a real inspiration to these young pupils by plunging them into his own poetical universe. « Were never really disconnected from the play itself. We’re never here to take the teacher’s place in this specific activity. There’s a logical connection to the play but through a crossed collaboration with the teacher. »

So says Anne Mallet, a teacher in Sud-Michelet « We started with sculpture, then moved to drawings of the articulations, the way our body moves ». And it is true there’s a real continuity between school learning and this artistic development.

It is part of our programme (Dance) says Anne Mallet. « the boys were a bit reluctant at first when we announced the project, but they’re happy now, even enthusiastic to the point where they feverishly wait for the next workshop. It’s like a piece of blue sky in their school year. » Anne Mallet was also impressed with Jacques Fargearel’s work. « It’s really nourishing, but not only for the kids : also for the teachers and the parents (who can attend some of the workshops). He gives the kids a great freedom of movement, he just leads them to working processes between body and  imagination while he respects their own rhythm and sensibility. »

We ‘ll meet again tonight the 2 professional dancers and their 10 year old partner who’s been working with the Compagnie du Sillage for the 2 last years. « It’s my personal questioning, my inner interrogation : where does the child stand in our society, our adult world ? and the other way around. » It is also the clue that links 10 years of work and his 4 last creations. « My first work was in fact ordered, and i never thought at that time that it would leads to a decade of creation. »

So, modern dance is our host at the ARC for the expected pleasure of all these kids who , at this occasion, crossed the path of Jacques Fargearel. Remains now for our local population to greet the work of the Compagnie du Sillage, tonight at 7 :30, at the ARC, by discovering Sitting on the Edge of the World.

Le journal de Saône et Loire -  Saturday, March, 27th, 2004.

Jacques Fargearel invited at « Pôle Sud » in Strasbourg played for us « Sitting On The edge Of The World » a trio for 2 adults and 1 young girl. A fluid performance about the adult/child relationship.

A bench stands at the back of the stage. Upfront, a couple tenderly hugs and kisses. Wa can hear the cicadas. Everything implies the introduction of a duo. But a girl child appears : she tries to grab their attention – obviously her parents -, to show them she is real. With « Sitting On The edge Of The World », the choreographer Jacques Fargearel, a school teacher, goes further in his study of the link existing between kids and adults. This is why he’s been inviting over the last 10 years very young dancers on his créations. Where does the child stand in our society ? And, with a closer look through this play : where does he stand within his family ?

Moments of family life

The choreography during which the child dances successively with his mother, his father and both his parents is a fine illustration of every day life in a family. The young girl very often switches from one to the other through very rapid and fluid movements. The bench, on wheels , is involved in a very touching moment, and used as a link between the members of this family. It is pushed away, rid on, climbed on …

The young dancer was 12 when this play was created : she is 14 today. Thus what we see now has changed… Around « Sitting On The edge Of The World », the « Compagnie du Sillage » also proposed and organised workshops in the local schools, a perent/child session and today is giving also a « Splinters Ball » composed with extracts from different plays.

Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace – M.C. Harrer – 02/27/2005

Jacques Fargearel develops a conception of his art focused on childhood. This is why, during his coming at « Pôle Sud » from feb. 21st till feb.27, 2005, his « Compagnie du Sillage » is giving workshops in the local schools in a process implying search and creativity.

« Choreographic recreation «  is the name he gives to these moments of sharing and meeting  in which the dancers from the company come to show and share within the school itself. The goal is to allow the kids to express their creativity and sensitiveness through a body language in which an everyday attitude becomes an danced moment.

Here begins a peculiar « week off » for our pupils, under the watchful and approving eye of their parents, accomplices for a fugue, a jib or a ritornello. So let’s enjoy  this original initiative : originally a school teacher, Jacques Fargearel writes and choreographes his plays for a young audience but invites also young kids to participate whether they are future artists or just fond of dance.

Such experiences led him logically to materialize his envy to involve the very parents of our young pupils. So to open this week full of surprises, tonight, they give us a performance, to tickle our senses.

« Sitting on the Edge of the World » What an accurate title full of tenderness for this trio played by a man a woman and a little girl. Within the heart of the subject, parents and kid evolve alongside and try to demystify the difficulties a child might encounter to make his own niche within the parental couple. Sweetness and emotions are used to evoke a hard subject however full of hope and love. Another specificity of this company : the « Splinters Ball » made of differents extracts coming from different plays which will be discovered in all the spaces of our theater : an unusual performance made to catch a dancing moment just when it passes by. In order to share better and make this questioning real, the pupils are invited to attend workshops hosted by the dancers. All this leads naturally to a « parents/children ball », a « ball where fun splinters » ! Maybe the fact to share a dance with the person representing everyday love and authority is going beyond rules but is also a way to strengthen the affectuous  physical bonds that might exist with every family. Here the family expands and the bond is tight thanks to the complicity/closeness of modern dance. Let’s break the borders and enjoy a a pretty good adventure !

Pôle Sud – Under the Iceberg – G. Charras- 02/27/2005

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Depuis déjà vingt-cinq ans, Jacques Fargearel développe une conception de son art centrée sur l’enfance et son rapport au monde.
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